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This polyptych is the central work of THE LAGUNITAS PROJECT. The Stream is a 40 foot long work in two sections, LAGUNITAS RESERVOIR and BELOW LAGUNITAS RESERVOIR. The STREAM was installed at The Hub in San Francisco in 2012-2013.

The Stream is comprised of a series of segments, similar to musical measures, that explore the Li of a location in the watershed. Each of these segments is composed from a palate of water-surface imagery (reflection, refraction, projection) from a location in the watershed, which are structured as variations on motifs (creek, reservoir, dam, etc.) Within each motif the images are organized according to variation in color and texture, and by movement of the water's surface, or the movement of the eye across the water's surface.

As The Stream descends, a multi-layered composition of rhythm, light, and color weaves a story of the watershed, with its gradual ecological transformations, punctuated by large-scale human interventions, from the perspective of the water itself.
The Stream
polyptych: digital photographs on transparency film, acrylic, aluminum, thread

dimensions vary