On Ice7

On Ice

December of 2011 and the annual Union Square Ice Rink. San Francisco's mediterranean climate makes ice skating an enigma, but we all bundle up and stumble onto the ice. It is a crowded. wobbly affair, and great fun! The 7 images of On Ice express the energy of the rink in movement, reflection, light and shadow.

The images were captured with a hand-held DSLR at slow shutter speeds (1/2 to 1/15 second). The slow speed, combined with the motion of the skaters convey's a sense of movement.  The context is highly reduced —framing the interface of skate to ice, and while the human form is paramount, the human face is irrelevant. Just the anxious kinetic energy of being on ice.About

Prints are available in 6"x9" archival pigment prints on watercolor paper, mounted on hardboard and varnished, in an edition of 3 (sold out). Larger editions available soon. Please send me an
email if you are interested.