LAGUNITAS tells a story of the human relationship to water -with the water being the witness. Lagunitas Creek, in Marin County California, begins on the upper slopes of Mount Tamalpais and flows into the Pacific at Tomalas Bay. Along the way, it provides habitat for thousands of species of birds, fishes, animals, and plants -including osprey, great blue herons, coho salmon and steelhead trout, and the water for a quarter of a million people. The watershed is a place of incredible natural beauty and poignant environmental destruction; wondrous human engineering, and irreversible habitat destruction.

The story is told through polyptychs, and photographic watercolor prints . The imagery is the imagery of the surface of the water -refracting and reflecting its surroundings, and of the human-constructions that alter flow of water, and the landscape, to meet human needs. The structure of the polyptycs is the structure of the movement and form of the water: the descent, the flowing, and the pooling.

Individual images are available as archival pigment prints on watercolor paper in a 12”x18” open edition and a 20”x30” edition of 7. Polyptychs are unique works. Please contact me at the link below for availability and pricing.