Ice Melt

snow melting to water
water freezing on asphalt pavement
pavement providing a matrix for ice crystals to grow
ice melting to water

The human species, everywhere, imprints the natural world. The asphalt roadway, a human artifact, has a structural, chemical, and thermal impact on the thawing-freezing process of ice, with repeated cycles creating complex, overlaying patterns of crystals; landscapes in miniature.

The images in the Spine of Ice polyptych and of the 31 ICE MELT prints were captured in April 2011 near Donner Pass, California. The photographs were taken early in the morning, as the sun was rising above 20 foot snowdrifts surrounding the roadway.

Individual images are available as archival pigment prints on watercolor paper in a 12”x18” open edition and a 20”x30” edition of 7. Polyptychs are unique works. Please contact me at the link below for availability and pricing.