Lagunitas Redux

This past week I visited the reservoirs on Lagunitas Creek with my friend, the wonderful, talented artist Hagit Cohen. In 2011-2012 I created a body of work in the Lagunitas Watershed, and I had not visited the lakes in over a year. Hagit and I are considering a joint project in the watershed and were visiting together to get a sense of the creative possibilities. During our visit, I was again struck by the beauty of the light on the reservoirs –particularly at Alpine Dam. We’ve not yet fully committed to the project, but I’d like to share an image from that day, of Alpine Dam reflected on the water of the reservoir, along with another image captured at the same location in January of 2011. I’d love to work in the Laguntas Watershed again, and especially to work with Hagit. Lagunitas redux.

Alpine Dam redux
Alpine Dam, November 2014

Alpine Dam
Alpine Dam, 2011. 20”x30” pigment print on watercolor paper, edition of 7 (5 remaining)