The arc of an artistic project is a path of discovery.  Over the past few months, I have shared the path of one project with you, beginning with the first post on Urban Reflections.  Much discovery has happened along the way, including the recognition that the reflections were not a project so much as a technique –a method of photography; one that I am using to tell multiple stories.  I am calling this technique Windowpane.  I have described the technique in multiple posts to this blog, and now in a brief essay.

Art is more than technique, however, and a major component of my discovery has been how meaning is experienced in these kaleidoscopic images.  The late philosopher and art critic Arthur Danto defined art as "embodied meaning", which is as good a definition as I have found.  In the San Francisco and Mesilla windowpane photographs, visual semiotics (meaning) has emerged as a primary consideration, not in the sense that any individual photograph is composed to make a particular statement of meaning, but that the best of the windowpane photographs is rich in signs and semiotic relationships.  I have expounded on this theme in another essay on the Semiotics of Windowpane.

Today I am publishing to the website the first collection of windowpane images, as examples of work that I am now calling San Francisco 2015 –The Windowpane Photographs.  These 28 images provide a cross-sectional sampling of the opus, and have held up through the filtering process of the canon. They will be released as limited edition prints sometime in the near future. 

City Lights

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