Sonoma County Water

This past Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to tour the Russian River facilities of the Sonoma County Water Agency. These facilities pump fresh water from the gravel beds beneath the Russian River to supply water to municipal water users in southern Sonoma and northern Marin counties. The Water Agency gives tours of these facilities, and if you drink SCWA water, or are interested in water, it is a very worthwhile way to spend a morning. More information on this remarkable system can be found here.

The human engineering involved in creating the water supply is impressive! As an artist, I am interested in the places where human society meets the natural environment: a place that I call the human-natural. This place on the Russian River is one of those places, and here are some images that, for me, beautifully capture this juncture.

The Rubber Dam

Pump at Collector 6

Caisson at Collector 6