Mid-Market Mashup

This week, I spent an afternoon making photographs in the area of San Francisco known as "Mid-Market".  This stretch of Market Street, from Powell to VanNess makes a slice through the Tenderloin, San Francisco's skid row.  Among the dealers, pimps, addicts, and prostitutes is a poor population, mostly people of color, living in run-down apartments, residence hotels, and on the street.  The Tenderloin has, for many years, been the inner-city neighborhood of the poor and destitute, and the section of Market Street running through it has been home to theaters, strip clubs, pay-day loan storefronts, dollar stores, bars and liquor stores.  

Everything is changing... A new group of residents, highly paid tech workers, are homesteading Mid-Market.

Today a new mix of internet startups, high-end apartments, fitness centers, gourmet grocery stores, cafés and bicycle stores is emerging. It is a development trajectory that will inevitably push the old uses, and residents, out of a gentrified strip of Market Street from Union Square to Civic Center.

Something old, something new
items in the window of a salon in a affordable family housing complex at 10th and Mission, and construction of new apartments for tech workers. New housing construction is taking place on two of the four corners of the intersection. Someone from the land of the new is looking down on the scene.

Fitness Landscape
The exercise machines await the minions from the office and apartment towers. A landscape on Internet Time –everything ready for motion: cars, motorcycles, stationary bicycles, treadmills, a ceiling fan. Even the tree seems to be on the move.

Sidewalk Justice
The scales of justice await the pedestrian traffic at 10th and Market. Is there justice for the shelterless?

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