...It's Chinatown

This past week, I spent an afternoon in San Francisco's Chinatown.  Not the tourist Chinatown of Grant Avenue, but the Chinatown of San Francisco's Chinese community: Stockton Street and the side streets and alleys that run between Stockton and Grant.  Here, you will find  the butchers, fishmongers, tea and herb vendors; the restaurants, bakers, and watering holes; the social, educational, cultural, and political organizations; here you will find the bustling street markets below the tenement dwelling places of recent Chinese immigrants.

San Francisco has the largest Chinese population, and the highest percentage of residents of Chinese descent of any major US city;  20% of San Francisco's population are Chinese-americans.  This demographic has had an enormous impact on San Francisco's history, economy, politics, and culture, and while many Chinese have prospered in San Francisco, their history is filled with racial discrimination and oppression. Chinatown today is a complex, colorful and vibrant place. Here are a few photographs from my recent excursions:


Hello Kitty hides from Golden Kitty

Bakery bling

It’s Chinatown

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