Chaco Canyon: Pueblo Pintado

Pueblo Pintado_sm
A year ago, I was in New Mexico photographing the landscape and monumental ruins of Chaco Canyon.  This is one of my very favorite places, and yet when I speak to people, whom I know or meet, about Chaco Canyon very few have ever heard of it, despite the fact that this one small area in northeastern New Mexico contains one of only a handful of Cultural World Heritage sites, and the most monumental of pre-columbian ruins, in the United States.  Over the next few weeks, I'd like to share some of that imagery, and a bit of knowledge about Chaco Canyon.  In this week's post, I will begin with Pueblo Pintado.

Light Space Color Motion

The exhibit Light Color Space Motion is the first public showing of work from the San Francisco Windowpane photographs. Below is a link to photos of the gallery and an essay that I have written for the exhibit. Light Space Color Motion continues through July 16 at the Las Cruces Museum of Art in Las Cruces New Mexico.more...