Modern Love

As I wander the city with a camera, in search of reflections and shadows, the impression that we are a society enslaved to our smartphones is unavoidable. As I review the images in the studio, I am amazed at how many of the photographs contain a human figure engaged with their phone. It is as if our experience of life, and our relationship to other human beings, is now mediated by electronic devices, incessantly signaling through the vast commercial internet: the selfie, the text message, the Facebook post…. With these we project our experiences, to our near and distant social connections, providing both social lubricant and a proxy for intimacy.


The subject of today’s Sketchbook is a study for a diptych which, for me, evokes the digitally mediated human relationship. I am calling this work Modern Love and it is a part of the Shadow Walkers opus of juxtaposed human shadow figures. The images of the two figures were captured in the same timeframe and location, but they are otherwise unrelated, excepting in the archetypes and stories that the visual images invoke in your mind –which is precisely the point!

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Thank you to everyone who has emailed comments. It is so gratifying to hear from you and to read about how the art impacts you. I’m still hoping to have comments functionality soon. I am looking forward to this blog becoming more of a dialog!