Appropriation of the Appropriated (at Pier 24)

There is a lot of play involved when I work on a project, and sometimes some surprising images result. Today, I want share two images that fell out of the Urban Reflections project. These images are not likely to find their way into the final canon of work, but they are wonderful photographs. Pier 24 is a somewhat obscure private photography gallery in San Francisco. Actually, a better description is that Pier 24 is a publicly accessible museum for a private foundation that collects contemporary photographic art. Visits are by appointment only and exhibits, created from the foundation’s collection, are rotated annually. If you enjoy photography, it is a great resource and definately worth a visit. And its free.

The current exhibit is called Secondhand and is all about appropriation in photography (hint: click on the Gallery Guide link). Below are two images from a recent visit. Both are reflections of artwork in a Pier 24 gallery, off of the surface of another work. The first is Eric Kessels’ in almost every picture. The second, is from the collages of Matt Lipps. I have appropriated the appropriation!

untitled reflection, 2014

untitled reflection, 2014

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