Urban Shadows and Urban Reflections

Today, I will pick up two threads, from previous posts, and tie them together. I am in the beginning phases of two projects: Urban Reflections and Shadow Walkers. While these two projects are visually very different, they have much in common conceptually, technically, and in the physical locations of the source photography.

Our perceptions of the world are all shadows and reflections. We take in bits and pieces of sensory (in this case visual) input about the world, and internally construct something we call reality. The inputs of this reality are always fragmentary, and predominantly redundant or irrelevant.  

Shadow Walkers 2.1

Urban Shadows (including Shadow Walkers) quite directly addresses the fragmentary nature of our visual perceptions, putting into relief the prodigious ability of the human mind to create stories in the absence of information. As you look at the Urban Shadows ensembles, notice your mind's reaction: is your mind is creating stories? Do you have feelings about the shadow figures? What does the mind create out of very sparse information?  

Urban Reflection 6

Urban Reflections addresses precisely the opposite: how the mind sorts a kaleidoscope of visual information, searching for something solid. Again, notice the mind's reaction: do you trust what you are seeing? What are you seeing and from where is the light reflected? How much information does the mind have to throw away in order to construct a cohesive visual reality?

Over the coming weeks, I will bring you along, sharing my artistic process, as I develop these two projects: the conceptual framework, the capture of images, selection, editing, printing, assembly of finished work, and the releasing of the work into the world. Next week, I will write more about Urban Reflections: its genesis and development into an artistic project. In the mean time, I have linked below to two galleries where I'm am placing selected images and polyptych studies. I hope that you enjoy the images in the galleries - and that you will keep watching as I am updating the galleries regularly.  

Urban Shadows gallery | Urban Reflections gallery